Joey Jr. Original Purse Organizer Insert Review ?>

Joey Jr. Original Purse Organizer Insert Review

I finally had the chance to try out The Joey Jr. Original Purse Organizer, and in my opinion it is wonderful!

Let’s take a look at my handbag before I put the much-needed organizer into it.
Messy Bag
Okay, that’s pretty embarrassing, but I really NEED all this stuff! As you can see it’s very difficult to locate anything, especially smaller items like keys, lip balms, or pens.
 Let’s dump out all the stuff!:
Bag contents
That's a lot of stuff!
Since my bag has a dark liner I chose a light-colored Joey Jr. Original Organizer in the British Tan color from the classic fabric line. The organizer measures 5″H x 26″L. They are also available in black, brown, cranberry, zebra and leopard. Purse Bling carries the Joey Jr. in ultra suede fabric in several colors as well.
This is what it looks like before I load it up with my stuff:
Joey Jr. purse organizer empty
The velcro helps it stand up for easy loading!
What I like is that it has Velcro on the ends so I can stand it up while I load my stuff into it. It has various sized pockets for all my small and medium-sized items and I was surprised at how many things I could fit in the pockets. I like the height of this, my lipsticks still stick out and there is a very small pocket for lip balm, too.
Here’s how it looks loaded up:
The Joey Jr. purse organizer insert all loaded up with my stuff.
You can see that now everything is easy to find!
Now I curl it up and fit it into my bag, then, since my bag is so large I un-velcro the ends and spread out the organizer so it lines my bag. It does not go completely around, but that’s no problem. As long as it fills at least one long side and both short sides of your bag it’s perfect. I could easily use this in a smaller bag because the sides can meet or even overlap (just keep in mind that the center area will then be smaller).
Take a look at the filled organizer in the bag before I put my big stuff in:
Joey in bag with no wallet
As you can see there is plenty of room for my wallet!
There is plenty of room in the center for my wallet, checkbooks and sunglass case. I like to put loose papers between the purse organizer and the handbag, that just keeps the purse looking much neater. I like the stability this organizer gives my bag. It doesn’t fall over even when it’s on a car seat. If it did tip over most, if not all, of my stuff would stay in the pockets anyway which is a plus.
Here is my organized purse totally full:
Joey Jr. loaded
Everything is easy to see and easy to get to!
This purse organizer has a key chain clasp at the end of a long, narrow piece of fabric so you can clip your keys to it and hang them on the outside of your purse. This is nice, however, I still love the convenience and look of Finders Key Purse Charms because then you don’t have to unclasp anything to get to your keys. I just think those are much easier to use on a daily basis. Purse Bling even has Collegiate and Monogram Key Finders so you can be sure to find one that fits your “Purse-n-ality”. So instead of using the key fob for my keys I use it for my Twist and Pout lip balm which is the perfect use for it! Here is a photo of my bag with my Finders Key Purse, My Finders Fones (for my cell phone) and my Twist and pout! I love the bling and the easy access to my most-used, hardest-to-find items!
Here is my handbag with the Joey Jr. purse organizer inside it with all my "bling".
Outside of bag
My purse is hanging from the back of a chair using my Clipa Hangbag Hanger which is the only handbag hanger you’ll ever need – it’s awesome, works almost anywhere and holds up to 45 lbs (laptop cases, diaper bag, sports bag, no problem)!
Purse Bling also carries the Mini Joey Jr. which is perfect for smaller purses and clutches. It measures 4.5″H x 7.5L. They are available in Classic Fabric or in a luxe Ultra Suede. I may do a review on that one day, but you can tell I’m not really a small- purse kind of gal!
All Purse Organizer Inserts have pros and cons. Here is my take on the Joey Jr. Original Ultimate Purse Organizer:
1) No center pocket and Velcro on the ends make this product very easily adjustable with flexibility to fit in more sizes of purses.
2) The pocket fabric is just the right tension to hold items firmly in place yet still be easy to get to your items when you need them.
3) There are many different sized pockets to hold many different sized items.
4) It’s available in nice classic solids as well as some snazzier animal prints.
5) It gives nice stability to my bag with no unsightly bulges.
6) The key fob can be used to keep your keys (or Twist and Pout or Ballmania lip balms) in plain sight.
7) Reasonably priced.
1) No center pocket means that when you change purses you will have to remove your larger items first. (Yes, I know I have “no center pocket” as a pro above. It really is a pro or con depending on your point of view, purse sizes, and handbag habits).
2) Can’t be placed in a washing machine, but it is cleanable with a damp cloth.
I can’t think of any other cons!
Just worth mentioning: The Joey Jr. Orignal is very similar is size and style as the Medium-sized Purseket, so if you like the Purseket, but don't like any of the available colors, check out the Joey Jr. It may be just what you need!
If you use the Joey Jr. please let us know how you like it!

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  1. Thanks so much for that review. I’ve been wondering which purse organizer to buy. I like the fact that this organizer is flexible enough to fit into all my bags.

  2. Great review. I’d like to see more reviews like this on other organizers. Anyone have any good experiences with this organizer?

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