Measuring floppy bags for a purse organizer ?>

Measuring floppy bags for a purse organizer

How do I measure my slouchy purse/handbag when I can’t make it stand up on it’s own!

Oh, how we love soft, smooshy, slouchy purses, handbags, and totes! That buttery soft leather that just puddles in the most delicious way – the flatter the better. Whether your bag of choice is a Rebecca Minkoff, a Balenciaga, something you fell in love with at your local discount retailer, or a hand crouched heirloom, we can all agree on one thing – it’s really hard to measure a puddle! And if you can’t measure that soft, slouchy handbag how do you know which size organizer to put in it?

Here is my slouchy bag emptied out

This bag needs an organizer!

Trust me, those smooshy bags are just begging for organization because, let’s face it, all handbags (especially our larger ones) become bottomless pits once we fill them with all those things we must carry on a daily basis. I know, because I used to be that woman emptying her purse to find that elusive pen that I just knew was in there somewhere, or that cell phone with its insistent ringing, or my keys which always seemed to slither their way to the very depths of my bag. My choice was buying pens that were as large as pretzel rods or to get a purse/handbag organizer insert. The organizer just seemed to be the easier, more logical route.

How does a Purse Organizer help a smooshy bag?

A purse organizer insert liner not only helps you find your things so much more easily, but it also distributes the weight of your items in your bag so that they’re not all bunched up in the center. Whether or not you’re a fan of a little “bag sag”, most of us don’t like the look of everything we own gathering in one 3” diameter spot making our slouchy bag look like we’re toting a torpedo in it (vertically I might add). It’s nice to have our contents spread out a bit, because it just gives a much more attractive line. Another huge benefit of a handbag organizer insert is protection. If your bag is that buttery soft chances are it was on the pricier side. A bag organizer helps protect the liner of your bag from stains and rips. It’s also great if you need to hide few stains and rips – a bag organizer insert liner can do just that and extend the life of your bag in a very affordable and practical way.

How do I measure my floppy handbag?

So now, to the measuring! Get some plastic bags, you know, the grocery store kind. If you don’t have any of those then use paper. I like to use small pieces of paper for this purpose so I can easily adjust by removing or adding small paper balls. Set your puddle, er, I mean purse on a flat surface and start stuffing. Get it stuffed to exactly the shape and size that you like. Don’t go too high, you don’t want to go higher than snaps or closures and you don’t want to block any built-in pockets that you want to be able to access. Also, keep in mind the drape of your bag at the top – make sure you stay low enough that you still have that pretty drape. If this is a bag you carry right under your arm-pit you’ll want to watch how wide you stuff it. This is your chance to control the shape of your bag so really take your time and get it just the way you like it.

Let’s break out the tape measure and start measuring…

Now, take out your tape measure and measure the smallest, shortest points to find your length (side to side), width (front to back), and height (bottom to top). If you like a wraparound type of organizer like the Purseket you’ll also need to measure the circumference of the bag. So let’s say your bag is trapezoidal in shape from side to side. At the bottom it’s 8” long but as you travel up it lengthens to 11” long. Go with the 8” measurement. Let’s say the height of your bag (keeping mindful of snaps and pockets and the drape that you’ve already determined) is 8” in the center but toward the shoulder straps it’s 12” high. Again, let’s go with that 8” measurement. Subtract about ½ -1” from each dimension to allow for the actual material of your purse. Be especially careful with the height dimension. If my bag is 10” high, but I like it to drape down about 4” then I don’t want my organizer to exceed 6”. In fact, if your bag is long and/or wide, but somewhat short, you may be better off with 2 smaller purse organizers used side by side than one larger one.

Measuring the width

Measuring the length

Measuring the height

After inserting our organizer

Now use those measurements to find the perfect organizer for your bag. Purse Bling carries Purse to Go, and Joey Jr. brands of organizers.

Purse to Go also makes a version with pockets both inside and outside called
Pockets Plus. If your bag material is very thin and shows every lump and bump you may want to go with the original Purse to Go so that you have a smooth look from the outside of your bag.

You can use two either side by side or nested if you want to have more pockets. Purse to Go also has a version called Zip-ups which are perfect for cosmetics and private items. These are great to use along with an original Purse to Go in a roomy bag. The jumbo and x-tra jumbo zip-ups are nice in bags that don’t close and/or always seem to fall over, the zipper helps contain everything nice and neatly. They’re also wonderful for diaper bags, or for using your favorite bag as a diaper bag!

Once you have finished measuring your bag, you may want to check out the Product Recommendation Tool at It’s a great tool to help you find the right purse organizer or base shaper for your handbag or purse.

So happy measuring. Please give Jerilyn, at Purse Bling, a call at 727-504-3826 if you have any questions about the perfect organizer for your handbag! She’s always happy to help!

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