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Purse To Go Organizer

Please note:  The Purse-to-Go brand has been discontinued.  The owner of Purse-to-Go has decided to  close her business for health reasons.  However, read this article to learn about the Purse Bling Bucket Style organizers which should make an excellent replacement for many of the Purse-to-Go styles.  Links below have been updated to point to the new Purse Bling Bucket style organizers.

If you carry a large pocketbook, tote, or a diaper bag, then you know how difficult is is to find anything in that bottomless pit! The Purse To Go will help you to organize that pile of stuff and help you stay organized. Trust me, once you don’t have to search for hours or worse yet, dump out the contents of your bag to find something, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the Purse To Go! The Purse To Go comes in 4 different sizes and they’re adjustable to fit many different size purses, pocket book, handbags, or totes.

Flexible, yet firm enough to give your bag structure

The Purse to Go has stiff sides that help your purse have some structure – note – the sides are stiff but not rigid. They are still flexible enough to form to your purse. The bottom of the Purse to Go is fabric only with no stiff inner lining. This allows the Purse to Go to fit in the narrowest of bags and it expands as you fill it.

Four sizes are available

The measurements of the Purse to Go are given with the organizer lying flat.  As you fill it the length will “shrink”.  The sizes are:

Size Dimensions Description
Extra Jumbo 17″L x 9″H Expands to approx. 6”-8.5” in width (Perfect for bags over 15” long.) weighs 6 oz
Jumbo 14.5″L x 7.5”H Expands to approx. 4-6.5” in width (Perfect for bags approx 12-14” long.) weighs 4 oz
Large 13”L x 6” H Expands to approx. 3.5-4.5” in width (Perfect for bags approx 11-12” long) weighs 3 oz

Lots of Colors and Prints available

The Purse to Go comes in 9 solid colors and lots of great prints. When choosing a color, remember that the lighter and brighter the color the easier it will be to see what’s in your purse.

Velcro makes it adjustable

The length of the Purse to Go original can be adjusted to fit into a smaller bag (the height can not be adjusted). There is Velcro on the back of the Purse to Go. Align the Velcro “hook” dots along the Velcro “loop” strips to adjust the Purse to Go to the perfect size. The Purse to Go comes with felt circles to cover the Velcro “hook” dots. This will protect the lining of your bag from the rough velcro when you’re using the purse organizer in it’s full, unadjusted size.

Helps protect your investment

The Purse to Go Handbag Organizer Insert will help prolong the life of your handbag. Think of open lipsticks or keys rubbing constantly on your precious Italian designer handbag liner!

Here’s a quick video of the Purse To Go Original Organizer.

Here’s a quick video of the Purse To Go Zippered Organizer.

The Purse To Go Original Purse Organizer is available at Purse Bling. Click here to shop now.

The Purse To Go Zippered Purse Organizer is available at Purse Bling. Click here to shop now.

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