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Pursfection Purse Organizer

Pursfection Purse Organizers

The Pursfection brand of purse organizers, once sold on QVC, are elegant and silky, and are loaded with practical pockets to help you organize everything in your purse!  All the ratings I’ve ever seen for this brand of organizers are 5 star reviews.  I think it’s because women just love the structure and the silky look and feel of this luxurious organizer, and let’s face it, they’re just so pretty.  Pursfection started with just one size – the Standard size – but now there are two more sizes for gals who carry larger bags.  No matter how you spell them, Pursfection Handbag Organizer or Pursefection Purse Organizer, these are fabulous handbag organizers!

Here’s a rundown of the 3 sizes and their features:

The Pursfection Standard size is available in several beautiful color/print combinations.  It has 9 compartments to help you organize everything in your purse.  There is one large open space in the center for your wallet, a checkbook or two, your make-up case, and any other large item you carry with you.  On the interior you’ll find four gusseted 4” wide pockets for keys, make-up items, hand sanitizer, brush or comb, tissues, etc. – plus two generous elastic pockets at either end for baby bottles, water bottles, juice cups or an umbrella. There are also two large zippered compartments for loose change, private items, and valuables.  On the outside of the pursfection purse organizer there are four more 4” wide pockets perfect for cell phone, mp3 player, and other frequently used items.

Pursfection STANDARD Purse Organizer - Tan/Leopard
Pursfection STANDARD Purse Organizer – Tan/Leopard

The Standard original Pursfection handbag organizer measures 10” long x 6” high x 4.5” W – but it expands to 5.5” wide for wider bags.  If you want to learn more about this fantastic purse organizer insert watch this short video.


The Expandable Pursfection allows you to unzip a zipper at one end so you can make the organizer longer.  That way, you can use one organizer for many different sized handbags and purses!  Best of all – when in its not-expanded state you don’t lose any pocket space.  The pursefection expandable handbag organizer measures 9.5” long x 6.24” tall x 4” wide – but wait – unzip the end and you end up with a generous 12” long organizer.  Unzip the zippers on either side and you now have a 5.5” wide purse organizer!  This is THE purse organizer for a gal with lots of purses in her collection!

Pursfection EXPANDABLE Purse Organizer - Brown/Giraffe
Pursfection EXPANDABLE Purse Organizer – Brown/Giraffe

The large open space in the center is the place for your wallet, a checkbook or two, and a make-up case. On the inside four 4″ wide gusseted pockets organize your keys, brush or combs, chargers, tissues, hand sanitizer, etc. and two large zipped pockets are the place to store your loose change, valuables, and private items. Two generous elastic pockets are located at either end and they’re perfect for milk bottles, juice cups, or a water bottle or umbrella. The silky Pursefection purse handbag organizer insert also has two 4″ wide pockets and one 5″ wide pocket on the outside which are the perfect place for a cell-phone, mp3 player, ipod, and other frequently used items.

The Pursfection Tote organizer is the perfect size for your larger handbags and totes, work bags, and diaper bags.  This silky, luxurious tote organizer has a removable center divider loaded with eight small, short pockets, perfect for a pill boxes, lip balms, and other small items.  Four deep, gusseted 5” wide pockets, two roomy elastic pockets, and two long zippered pockets grace the interior allowing you to store various sized items, baby bottles, water bottles, and private items.  On the outside you’ll find five pockets – two very narrow ones for narrow items, and three wide pockets for larger, frequently used items.  Two finger loops make it so easy to take this well-planned organizer out of one tote and slip it into the next.

Pursfection TOTE Organizer - Tan/Leopard
Pursfection TOTE Organizer – Tan/Leopard


Here’s a quick video of the Pursfection Tote Organizer.

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