Purse Bling Bucket Style Organizers ?>

Purse Bling Bucket Style Organizers

Purse Bling Jumbo Tan Bucket Style Organizer

Sadly Purse-to-Go is gone, but not forgotten…

Unfortunately, the ever-popular Purse-to-Go brand of purse organizer inserts are no longer being made, but don’t worry, there is a good replacement.  We were so sorry to hear that the owner of “Purse to Go” decided to close her business due to health reasons.  Purse-to-Go  handbag organizer inserts have always been so popular for both brand name designer bags as well as bags people just love to carry.  The oval, bucket-shaped Purse to Go was designed to be flexible enough to fit in a large number of bags of many shapes and sizes.  Fortunately, Purse Bling, a company that has sold the Purse to Go brand for many years, is now making a very similar organizer – in the USA. They are manufactured right here in St. Petersburg, FL.

The sizes of the Purse Bling brand are all the same dimensions as Purse to Go organizers, and pocket sizes are the same, too.  The only difference between the 2 brands is that there is no Velcro on the back of the Purse Bling brand, so they are not adjustable.  Purse Bling makes their organizers without Velcro because many customers felt that Velcro could damage the lining of their bag.

Available Sizes

The measurements of the purse organizers are given with the organizer lying flat.  As you fill it the length will “shrink”.  The sizes are:

Size    DimensionsDescription
Extra Jumbo17″L x 9″HExpands to approx. 6”-8.5” in width (Perfect for bags over 15” long.) weighs 6 oz
Jumbo14.5″L x 7.5”HExpands to approx. 4-6.5” in width (Perfect for bags approx 12-14”
long.) weighs 4 oz
Large13”L x 6” HExpands to approx. 3.5-4.5” in width (Perfect
for bags approx 11-12” long) weighs 3 oz

Available with and without zippers

The Purse Bling Bucket Style organizers are available without zippers here:

Purse Bling Bucket Style Organizer with no zipper
Purse Bling Bucket Style No-Zipper makes a great replacement
for the Purse-to-Go bucket style.

The Purse Bling style with zipper is available here:

Purse Bling  Organizer Bucket Style with Zipper
Purse Bling Organizer Bucket Style with Zipper

Purse-to-go Pockets Plus and Boxy

If you’ve always loved Purse to Go Pockets Plus style or the Purse to Go Boxy, those will not be made by Purse Bling, however, they still have some colors and sizes left.  Act fast, though, because once these are gone they won’t be available any longer.

Purse to Go Pockets Plus:


And the Purse To Go Boxy can be found here:


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