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Purse Pleaser Handbag Organizer ?>

Purse Pleaser Handbag Organizer

Tired of looking through your handbag or purse for your keys or lip gloss when you need them quickly? Locate these items quickly with the Purse Pleaser handbag & purse organizer. This organizer is a nice alternative to soft side organizers.  it’s made of durable, lightweight plastic and is designed with deep individual compartments of different sizes.  Your handbag will stand up nice and straight with the Purse Please inside it.  Here’s a video with a great review of this…

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Beautify your LV or Longchamp bag with a base shaper ?>

Beautify your LV or Longchamp bag with a base shaper

Does your LV or Longchamp bag look a bit too saggy? Does your bag tip over when you set it down? Does it look like you are carrying a torpedo in your bag? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then a base shaper may be just what you need. We love either of these two base shapers – The Purse Bling Clear Acrylic, or My Speedy Base Leather Look base shapers. These base shapers come in many…

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Purse Bling Exclusive Handbag/Purse Organizer Review ?>

Purse Bling Exclusive Handbag/Purse Organizer Review

Purse Bling has introduced a new quality handbag organizer insert made in the USA.  The Purse Bling Exclusive Purse Organizer is available in two sizes – Jumbo and Extra-Jumbo and it’s also available in zippered and non-zippered versions. Purse Bling took the best features of all the organizers they carry and put them together into one fantastic, multi-use product.  Some features include: Snaps at either end at both the top and bottom of the organizer enable one organizer to fit…

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Pursfection Purse Organizer ?>

Pursfection Purse Organizer

Pursfection Purse Organizers The Pursfection brand of purse organizers, once sold on QVC, are elegant and silky, and are loaded with practical pockets to help you organize everything in your purse!  All the ratings I’ve ever seen for this brand of organizers are 5 star reviews.  I think it’s because women just love the structure and the silky look and feel of this luxurious organizer, and let’s face it, they’re just so pretty.  Pursfection started with just one size –…

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Measuring floppy bags for a purse organizer ?>

Measuring floppy bags for a purse organizer

How do I measure my slouchy purse/handbag when I can’t make it stand up on it’s own! Oh, how we love soft, smooshy, slouchy purses, handbags, and totes! That buttery soft leather that just puddles in the most delicious way – the flatter the better. Whether your bag of choice is a Rebecca Minkoff, a Balenciaga, something you fell in love with at your local discount retailer, or a hand crouched heirloom, we can all agree on one thing –…

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Purse To Go Organizer ?>

Purse To Go Organizer

If you carry a large pocketbook, tote, or a diaper bag, then you know how difficult is is to find anything in that bottomless pit! The Purse To Go will help you to organize that pile of stuff and help you stay organized. Trust me, once you don’t have to search for hours or worse yet, dump out the contents of your bag to find something, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without the Purse To Go! The Purse To…

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Joey Jr. Original Purse Organizer Insert Review ?>

Joey Jr. Original Purse Organizer Insert Review

I finally had the chance to try out The Joey Jr. Original Purse Organizer, and in my opinion it is wonderful!     Let’s take a look at my handbag before I put the much-needed organizer into it.       Okay, that’s pretty embarrassing, but I really NEED all this stuff! As you can see it’s very difficult to locate anything, especially smaller items like keys, lip balms, or pens.    Let’s dump out all the stuff!:     That's…

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