Which purse organizer is best? ?>

Which purse organizer is best?

The Purse Organizer Store is dedicated to giving you the information you need to help you select the perfect organizer for your purse or handbag.  There are several organizers out there with many different features, and we hope to help you decide which features are important.

Why you need a purse organizer

You’ll find what you’re looking for faster

You may have heard of purse organizers, but don’t realize their value yet. Whether you get an organizer purse (see below), or a purse organizer, you will appreciate the way it helps organize the items in your purse or handbag, and the benefits that follow. No more fumbling through clutter or emptying your purse to find your cell phone or lip balm. Locate everything in an instant! This could even come in handy if you’re in a dark unsafe parking lot one night and don’t want to be looking for your keys any longer than necessary.

Purse Organizers can add structure to your saggy handbag.

A purse organizer helps to add structure to a saggy bag Another great benefit of a handbag organizer insert is that it adds structure to floppy purses. If you set your bag down and it just flops over you’d be amazed at how putting a handbag organizer in it makes the sides stand up so much better. They even help with “bag sag”, the tendency for soft, slouchy bags to look like a torpedo where all your “stuff” collects at the bottom. Many women find that having their items distributed around the sides of their purse really helps their handbag have a nicer line on the bottom.


Makes it possible to switch bags quick and easy (and protects your investment)

If you switch handbags often, then you’ll really appreciate how easy it will be to switch from purse to purse when you have a purse organizer insert in it.  All of your smaller items are contained in the organizer so when you lift it out and put it in the next purse you won’t have forgotten that medication or lipstick! Speaking of lipstick – a purse organizer insert protects the liners of your favorite bags from lipstick stains and pen marks.

Purse organizer insert vs. Organizer Purse

Some bags have built in organization. They’re known as an organizer purse. There are a few organizer purses out there such as the Buxton Leather Organizer, but the selection of styles is rather limited. You can have the same functionality of an organizer purse with any purse or handbag by using a purse organizer, or otherwise known as a purse organizer insert. Then when you’re shopping for purses you won’t be restricted to one with lots of pockets or dividers. You can buy bags you love just for the sake of how much you like them. What a luxury!

Fabric Purse Organizers

These soft-sided purse organizers make switching purses a snap. Your small items fit in the pockets around the side, large items fit in the middle. When it’s time to switch handbags simply take the organizer out of one pocketbook, and put it in another. Many of these fabric organizers are reversible so you can have the pockets on the outside if you prefer.

  • NEW! Purse Bling Exclusive Organizers

    We have a special post on the new Purse Bling exclusive organizers. They come in regular and zippered styles. Read our post here.

  • Purse To Go

    A very popular fabric organizer is the Purse To Go organizer. It comes in 4 sizes: Small, Large, Jumbo and Extra Jumbo. You can even make the larger sizes smaller by using the velcro adjustment tabs. The Purse To Go starts at $11.95 at PurseBling.com. See our article on the Purse To Go for more information.

  • Joey Junior Purse Organizer

    The Joey Jr. Purse Organizer in Classic or Ultra Suede Fabric will help you organize any purse or handbag. The original size is perfect for medium and large purses, the mini size is just right for small purses and clutches. These organizer inserts will help keep everything in your bag visible and accessible. They also help give structure to those slouchy bags! Click here to see our full review on the Joey Jr. Original.  You can Purchase the Joey Junior Purse Organizer at PurseBling.com

It’s always a good idea to measure your handbag or purse when selecting a purse organizer. We have a helpful article on that here. Once you have finished measuring your bag, you may want to check out the Product Recommendation Tool at PurseBling.com. It’s a great tool to help you find the right purse organizer or base shaper for your handbag or purse.

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